When you connect the new printer to the computer. You need to install the software and drivers to run the computer printer. Every printer should come with the printer installation CD, which used to install the printer. But if you face any issue with it then you can download a new installation software for installing the printer. Here we explain you how to setup new printer.

New Printer Installation:

Connect your computer to the printer by using a USB cable or SCSI cable and after this connect the power plug to the power source.

Tip: If you have a wireless printer then read the instruction which attached with the printer to connect your printer to the home screen. Check your device is up to date or not.

Setup Printer:

All new printers came with the installation CD for the install the printer setup.

  • 1. Plugged everything with the power source and turn on the computer

  • 2. Insert the printer installation CD to your computer. CD will automatically start, if it does not start then go to My Computer, open the CD drive and then go to the setup and install and open the file. If you have downloaded the drivers, then run the downloaded setup file.

  • 3. Follow the installation wizard and once it is completed, your software has installed.

  • 4. Print something to check that your printer is working.

CD is lost:

If you lost the CD and you think now how to install the printer. You can simply download the software from the manufactures printers driver page for your printer. After downloading the drivers you can run the file to install the drivers.

Installing a Printer without CD

If you lost the CD and you do not want to install any software programs to install the printer. You can install the printer driver without any extra software by the following steps give below:

  • 1. Click on 'Start' button, and open the Control Panel.

  • 2. In the Control Panel, double-click the Printers and devices or Printers and Fax icon

  • 3. Click to add the device icon in the printer windows

  • 4. After completing all of this, now you see the Windows Printer Wizard.

  • 5. Click Next to start and wizard

  • 6. Now it shows you the choice in installing the local or network printer.

  • 7. Choose local printer attached to the computer. If the printer is connected to your computer. After choosing that, click Next.

  • 8. When prompted for the location of the printer drivers, browse the directory of your driver.

Maybe your new Printer is installed by the following procedure but if you face any issue. You can contact us our experts will give you complete solution of your issue.