A wireless printer does not need to be connected to a pc to print from that pc. This kind of printer will be particularly helpful on a wireless network where several computers need to access an equivalent printer. Before any pc can print to its printer, however, it should set up properly.

With Microsoft Windows 7,8,8.1, and Windows 10, you can attach all of your computers with only one wireless printer in your home. You only need is a printer equipped with a wireless adaptor, a router started with a wireless network and last follow the instructions below:

  1. Switch on your printer and a computer, which connected to your wireless network.

  2. Insert the Software and Documentation CD that came with your printer into your computer disc drive.

  3. It shows the license agreement, accept its terms and conditions, and follow the direction, which it shows.

  4. After the installation process is completed as instructed, configure your printer and line up your cartridges.

Setup wireless printing the system by using Microsoft Windows:
  1. Click the Start button, and then, click Devices and Printers on the Start Menu.

  2. Click Add a printer.

  3. Now, Click on Add a network in the Add Printer wizard.

  4. In the list of available printers, select the one you want to use, and then click Next. (If your computer is connected to a network, only printers listed in Active Directory for your domain are displayed in the list.)

  5. If prompted, click on install the driver for installing a printer driver on your computer.

  6. After this, complete the additional steps in the wizard, click Finish after the installation is completed.

Sometimes you may face some issues to connect with the wireless printer because it is much complicated to connect a wireless printer as compared to connect a wired printer. In the wired printer, you have to pick the cable and connect one end to the printer and the other end into the computer. It is usually more complicated than wired connection because of some issues like most of the times there is more than one type of wireless printing connection shows. The connection network in the wireless printer is the Wi-Fi printer connection.

If you face any issue in the connection of wireless printer, you can contact us. Our experts will give you complete All About Printer in setting up a new wireless printer.